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Carol Williamson + Associates Limited (CW+A) is a full-service interior design and space planning firm based in Portland, Oregon. Established in 1984, Carol Williamson practices a strong team approach to design both within her design studio and with each of her clients. Her final design solutions evolve out of the desire to integrate her understanding of individual environmental needs and her extensive design experience in corporate, luxury marine and residential interior design.


Interior design success follows with the careful play of architecture, light and complex sophisticated color. Texture and pattern in the finishes, furnishings and the integration of each client’s individuality complete CW+A’s finished projects. When enthusiasm and creativity meet, it is a reflection of Carol’s desire to create beautiful design solutions no matter what design style her client’s request.


To find out more about how we can help you with your interior design and space planning needs, please contact us.


Carol Williamson + Associates Limited | Interior Design Portland, Oregon | 815 SW 5th Avenue | 503 222 2330 |